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Acting Classes & Coaching

"Acting is all about honesty.  If you can fake that, you've got it made."

                                                                                                                ~George Burns


Although class is meant to be fun and enjoyable, there are a few rules that we require all students to abide by:




1. Class is a safe place for students to come and learn.  The only way to learn and grow is to be able to fail and make mistakes in a safe environment free from judgement or ridicule.  Therefore, students are not allowed to comment on other students work in class unless asked by the teacher.  Any feedback should be constructive, not critical.

2. When a student is up and working, that is their time with the teacher.  Please respect the process by not commenting, talking or making noise while your peers are working.

3.  Class is not the time to be social.  Students should be prepared and ready to go when class begins.  That means they've done their homework and are ready to work on the material in a professional manner.

4.  Students are asked to come to class dressed to work on that week's material as if they were going to an actual audition.

5.  Cell phones are to be turned off throughout the duration of class.  There is absolutely NO TEXTING during class.  If there is an emergency or business related situation, step out of class until you're finished so as not to disturb your fellow actors.

6.  Most importantly, come to class with open hearts and open minds. Being a good artist requires hard work and going to places that aren't always comfortable.  But once you get past the growing pains, there is nothing but JOY!  Oh yeah  . . . a pen and notebook would come in handy.

1.  Your spot in class is not guaranteed until you have sent in your deposit and received a confirmation from the studio.

2.  Your deposit is fully refundable up to one week prior to the beginning of that month's class.  Up to 3 days before class, you will receive a 50% refund. After that, no refunds.

3.  The balance of your tuition must be paid in full by the beginning of the first class of the month, unless other arrangements have been made.  No exceptions.

4.  There is only one reason for an excused absence.  You booked a job and are on set.  All other absences will be considered unexcused.  There are no refunds given.


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