“Emotions aren’t doable.  Actions are doable, and if you do them correctly, they prompt feelings."

Stella Adler

Studio Approach

My approach to acting is this . . . "There are only two kinds of acting. Good and bad.” Acting, is acting, is acting. Whether you’re working on a play, a movie script or a television series, your approach to the work should never change. What varies is the medium you’re working in.

The foundation of my teaching is grounded in the techniques taught by Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler and, more recently, my teacher and mentor, Larry Moss. This is a class that deals with script analysis, character development and choices. In class we work and analyze your scenes and excavate them for their fullest artistic potential.

As an actor, my greatest growth occurred when I found a teacher who challenged me to grow and not settle. One who knew when to support me when I needed it and called me on my “crap" when I tried to escape taking responsibility for myself and my choices. One who gave me a safe place to take risks, and fail, so that I could grow.

For you, if you are willing, class will be a place where you will explore material and strengthen your “chops” and technique. It will be a place that will challenge you to grow both as an artist and as a human being, all while knowing that you are in a safe and collaborative environment.




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