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    Sessions run $300.  Returning clients receive a $50 discount on all future session prices.  There is no exact time limit, but the sessions usually run 1-3 hours.  Before we actually set up a time to shoot I like to talk with prospective clients, briefly, just to make sure that we are on the same page.  As I said before, I realize that not everyone is meant to work together and I want to save both of us time and make sure you’re not wasting your money.  Payment can be made with Cash, via PayPal or by Credit Card.  No personal checks.


    I do not use a hair stylist or makeup artist.  All the women you see on my site have done their own hair and makeup for the shoot.  If you want to bring someone with you, you may, but I typically discourage it.  The reason being is that every casting director I have ever spoken to says the same thing.  They don’t want to see a picture of you on your best day ever.  They want the person who walks in the audition room to look just like the headshot they have in their hand.


    A personalized webpage with all your proofs will be created for you within 48 hours and a link will be emailed to you.  Once you look through them you may pick 2 shots to be professionally retouched and formatted for printing.  These are included in your session.  Each additional photo retouch will be $25.  In the end, you will receive all session photos in high resolution.


    Sessions can be shot indoors or outside.  If you choose an indoor session, I shoot my sessions using studio lighting.  This way we can shoot 365 days a year in a comfortable, climate controlled environment without worry of rain, sleet, snow or excessive heat.  This also allows us to shoot at night, if necessary.  (There is a $50 surcharge for any sessions beginning after 7:00 P.M.)